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Our Mission

Our vision is to improve our guests’ quality of life by connecting the mind, body and spirit through holistic inspiration and offering the finest care in a serene, relaxing and healing environment.
Our spa’s main focus is to incorporate The Four Elements in our use of products and services, helping you maintain a connection to nature to establish balance, beauty and overall well-being.

Earth: Our skincare for face and body treatments contain mineral and botanical plants.
Water: Marine based seaweed products are used for cleansing and detoxification, along with treatments including hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, and soaks in our luxurious whirlpool.
Fire: Our infrared sauna and wellness pod services provide you detoxification and muscle pain relief.
Air: The Salt Cave is our therapeutic treatment that delivers antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which can improve your immune system and respiratory system. The release of negative ions purifies the air to facilitate stress relief and general wellness.

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